Recruiting Students
and Research Staff


Welcome to CPC Lab.
Our research focuses on “the design of advanced computer architecture for next-generation computing systems” and “the exploration of innovative computer application technologies.”
Computers developed around 1940 and now play an essential role as information infrastructure for society. Please knock on the door of the CPC Lab if: you want to become a computer system architect, you are interested in both information engineering and electrical and electronic engineering, you want to learn cutting-edge computing technology, and you want to invent new computers and their applications.
Please feel free to contact us if you wish to visit our laboratory (contact: staff ‘at’

Undergraduate Students

The CPC Lab. targets mainly computer architecture but relates to devices, circuits, system software (compilers and operating systems), and applications.
Since material and device design are not our specialties, we collaborate with other researchers to incorporate them into our research scope. In the case of students in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Kyushu University, CM/EC courses mainly match our research scope, and students in the EE course are also welcome (we can set an appropriate research theme)!

Doctoral Program (Graduate Students)

We welcome students who wish to pursue a degree in computer architecture.
There have been many cases where students from companies and other universities have become members of CPC Lab. If you wish to participate in a specific project, you may be able to use an employment system as a Research Assistant.

  • Inoue/Hirokawa/Tanimoto Lab.: Department of Information Science and Technology
  • Ono Lab.: Department of Information Science and Technology or Department of Automotive Science of the Graduate School of Frontier Sciences.
  • Kawakami Lab.: Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Master Program (Graduate Students)

CPC Lab. welcomes new members from other universities, technical colleges, and internal students.Changing your environment is an opportunity to make a giant leap forward.

Research Students

We accept research students who intend to enter a doctoral course after finishing the master’s program.In particular, we recommend obtaining a slacker scholarship such as the Japanese Government Scholarship by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology (MEXT) for international students.

Research Staff

There are no available open positions for research staff.